The Purser Method

Combat burnout, physical injury, energy drain, stress and fatigue

Hi, I’m Kayleigh

Massage therapy has been part of my life since a very young age, and for most of my life, I knew this is what I was destined to do.

My professional massage journey started in 2004 when I began my training and, for the most part, massage was a full-time career from then on (with an estate agency blip but we will pass over that). I have always adored my career and have always been passionate about helping people to feel better in their bodies. This all came crashing down for me in 2013 when I had a car crash that almost put a stop to everything.

This is where the Purser Method was born…

What is The Purser Method?

The Purser Method is a fully accredited deep tissue massage methodology, but it is so much more than just another deep tissue massage course.

Have you ever been treating a client and feel like you are giving it your all, only for them to tell you to add more pressure or ‘go deeper?’ It’s soul destroying isn’t it?

You are there giving it your best, putting all your effort in and they’re acting like they can’t feel a thing! How does it make you feel? Exhausted? Breathless? Worthless?

It shouldn’t be that way! The Purser Method is designed to make your deep tissue massage easier. No stress, no strain, no forcing, no exhaustion, no risk to you or your client. Get deeper without the added effort. Take the stress out of your massage treatments and enjoy the flow and the amazing benefits the Purser Method can give to your body, as well as to your clients.

Combining years of training in swedish, sports and acupressure massage, yoga, forearm massage, Reiki, breath work, Thai Chi, psychology and so much more, Kayleigh has designed a massage technique that serves to take care of the practitioner first, and it just so happens to create a completely unique and incredible experience for the client.

The Purser Method Training Workshops

Whether you are a self-employed therapist looking to learn techniques to improve your flexibility, strength and health during treatments or you are a college or spa looking for a deep tissue course that promotes the health and well-being of your team, there will be a workshop or course for you.

Quickstart Purser Method 1 Day Workshop

Designed to help you to adapt your own treatment style to improve your posture and well-being whilst massaging. This is ideal for therapists already practising deep tissue massage but who are experiencing pain and discomfort and exhaustion. A great introduction to some of the theories behind The Purser Method.

Full Purser Method 6 Day Course

Are you looking for a deep tissue massage course that focuses on extending your career potential and keeping your body safe and healthy whilst massaging? Then this course is for you. Ideal for practitioners looking to add deep tissue massage to their practice or to increase their business potential by avoiding stress, strain and exhaustion.

Custom Spa Courses

Introduce your spa clients to The Purser Method and improve your staff retention and absences at the same time.
Our 6 day course condensed into online theory training and 2 days practical face-to-face training. The same amazing course and qualification but with fewer face-to-face days, so that you can fit this course into your busy spa schedule with ease.

How Deep Should I Go?

How Deep Should I Go is a unique insight into the world of massage therapy. What started as a way to keep in touch with colleagues and friends over lockdown, turned into a hilarious collection of terribly true life stories from the world of massage therapy. The perfect pick me up for any spa or massage enthusiast.

The Quickstart Purser Method Workshop

1 day short course

Ideal for therapists already practising deep tissue massage but who are experiencing pain and discomfort and exhaustion.

The Purser Method of Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

The full 6 day course

Increase your business and eliminate stress and exhaustion with the Purser Method of Deep Tissue Massage Therapy.