Meet Kayleigh

Creator of the fully accredited world-recognised method of deep tissue massage therapy The Purser Method

Hi, I’m Kayleigh

Massage therapy has been part of my life since a very young age, and for most of my life, I knew this is what I was destined to do.

My professional massage journey started in 2004 when I began my training and, for the most part, massage was a full-time career from then on (with an estate agency blip but we will pass over that). I have always adored my career and have always been passionate about helping people to feel better in their bodies. This all came crashing down for me in 2013 when I had a car crash that almost put a stop to everything.

This is where the Purser Method was born.


My Story

It was March 2013 and I had just been fired from an estate agency job, where I had lasted a not-very-impressive 6 months. I was driving back from Birmingham on the M5, having just interviewed for another estate agent role, when a lorry changed lanes without looking.

I believe that there were eleven cars in total that had been hit but mine seemed to have taken the brunt of it. I remember being hit on every single panel and at one point I think I was airborne, but in all honesty, my recollection of the whole thing is quite vague. What I know for sure is that a very kind man was looking through my car window talking to me and all I could think was, “where are my glasses?” My car was facing the left-hand side of the road and somehow covering all three lanes and no longer looked like a car. Everything hurt, (especially my tongue which I had bitten) except for my left leg, which I couldn’t feel at all.

Somehow, the kind gentleman got me out of the car and to the hard shoulder, where a white van had stopped and three men, who I assume were builders or workmen of some description, had got their high vis jackets on and were trying to control the traffic. It was Friday afternoon around 4 pm. The youngest of the workmen had a flask of tea and a packet of cigarettes and I sat waiting for the ambulance, dazed, confused and drinking tea and smoking (something that I hadn’t done in years).

I didn’t cry until my Dad picked me up from the hospital at 10 pm and I had to tell him “Daddy I think I broke my car.” An understatement having since seen the thing; it looked like a cube of metal!

The crazy part of this story is that, although I was still working as a massage therapist, it was very much part-time and I had not seen it as a viable full-time career. I had got the job but my phone was in the car and by the time I got the phone back, the job had gone. I was devastated and went about desperately trying to find another job, going to interviews with black eyes and bandaged wrists did not get me any callbacks and I was now completely convinced that any sort of career in massage therapy would never be an option for me.

It took me a long while to see that this was the Universe getting me away from estate agency and back into full-time massage. Now I am so incredibly grateful for these lessons.



After less than nine months of job hunting and part-time work in palliative care, whilst going through my rehab program, I finally decided that it was time to get back into massage, and I went all in. I got myself a full-time role in a spa with a five-minute turnaround between clients and a full day of bookings most days. I was lucky that the spa got me trained in facials, but otherwise, I was massage, massage, massage. I loved being in it full time but my wrists and thumbs couldn’t take it and it wasn’t long until I was waking up in the mornings so stiff and sore that I couldn’t get out of bed. The compression in my spine returned and my left leg started to go numb again, although intermittently, usually when I was walking upstairs and I suddenly turned to jelly!

The problem, my rehab therapist told me, was that I had picked the worst career for caring for my body and I should look at getting a new job.

I was devastated.

But I soon got over feeling sorry for myself and instead decided to face it head-on and went straight into learning sports massage and even deeper work. From then on I began to learn as many different techniques as I possibly could to help support my body whilst performing deep tissue massage.

I found so many techniques that were beneficial for my wrists but they had adverse effects on my back or shoulders, and even my knees.

Gradually I began to realise, if I wanted to continue my career, I would have to start listening to my body. I started with Thai Chi and then yoga, I learned Reiki and anything else that would start promoting my mind and body connection. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn and gradually the more I felt my body responding and healing. 


The start of The Purser Method

And then one day, whilst working on one of my regular clients at my private practice, I heard a voice in my head telling me to trust myself and trust my body and I finally let go.

During that treatment, I created The Purser Method, and at that point in time, it was the greatest treatment I had ever given and also ever received.

The Purser Method is not just a massage, it is not just a deep tissue treatment designed to rehabilitate your client or ease their aches and pains, it is a whole experience but not just for the client.

The Purser Method treats the practitioner as much as it treats the client and it is why I have made it my mission to deliver these techniques and theories to as many therapists and spas as I possibly can. In my mind, every therapist deserves to experience the healing effects of practising this style of massage.


Fully Accredited & World-Recognised

In 2023, The Purser Method finally became a fully accredited world-recognised method of deep tissue massage therapy and I was, at last, able to teach the full course as a fully certified and insurable deep tissue qualification. I cried again when this was announced but this time out of sheer joy and relief that I can finally share these amazing techniques with you.

I invite you now to join me in this incredible healing journey, all you have to do is breathe and click here